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Estate Planning

Estate planning is the process of identifying your assets and determining how to manage and direct those assets in preparation for death. If you die in Michigan without a will, the laws of intestate succession will govern the distribution of your assets. A will enables you to direct the distribution of your assets according to your own personal wishes. A trust is a separate legal entity that continues after your death to manage and distribute your assets for specified purposes. The estate planning process is unique for every client and thus, Tina S. Gray, P.C. works closely with each client to create an estate plan that accomplishes your goals for distribution of your assets and addresses other concerns associated with death, such as taxation. An initial step in the estate planning process is the identification of assets, the selection of individuals to step into your shoes as guardian, conservator, personal representative, trustee, patient advocate and the like, and the determination of who will benefit from your estate. Clients are encouraged to complete an estate planning questionnaire for the purpose of compiling and selecting this necessary information.

Tina S. Gray has completed the Institute of Continuing Legal Education’s Probate and Estate Planning Certificate Program and has received a Certificate of Completion each year from 2005 - 2013. Click here for the Institute of Continuing Legal Education web site. (www.icle.org)

For more general information about topics integral to the estate planning process please view the following brochures published by the Probate and Estate Planning section of the Michigan State Bar.



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